A few thoughts on this time of year:

I'm always tired. Perpetually tired. Which goes against every fiber of my brain and body that wants to soak up spring and all that it brings to the table. When it smells like rain and jasmine and freshly-cut grass and the occasional smoked brisket around every turn (because I live in Texas), it's all I can do to not camp out in my front yard until the ants drive me away. Except that I'm tired. And all I want to do is nap. In my bed. In the dark. And maybe eat a little bit of that smoked brisket. Spring is fleeting, but SLEEP. 

Speaking of Texas, it really is the most amazing time to be a resident of this little place called Austin. Spring is when the city likes to show off a little. The temperature lands somewhere between 70 and 80 degrees and the color green crescendos everywhere you look. The lakes are filled with boats and paddleboarders and kayakers and the restaurant patios are ripe with places to sit and sip and watch the world go by.  People walk/run/bike/hike/galavant everywhere and driving to and from work is only made a little more terrifying by the recent increase of electric scooters in the bike lanes. It's a wild world we live in, folks, and I feel lucky to call such a lovely place home. When summer rolls around, I'll probably complain. A lot. But, for now? I'm all in.

Also, did you guys know that I like baseball now? I know. I'm shocked. I blame that guy I married. But really, I just like to have a sport to follow that can create false drama in my life. While baseball isn't the most exciting game, the drama can happen so swiftly that you don't even know what hit you. What an adrenaline rush. This time of year is also when college baseball really starts to matter and the 243 games that occur per week actually mean something. I've learned to actually appreciate the simplicity of athletic competitions that last four hours and allow you to multi-task while watching. Open a window, grab a book, and turn on a baseball game. Spring at its finest, indeed.

Finally, guys, how fun is planning summer vacations? Now that we aren't planning a wedding, we can plan other things, like trips! And trips! And trips! Rob and I are in the midst of mapping out a two-week trek from San Francisco to Portland in June/July and I've become a little obsessive about it. Because we are on a budget, we are working to save where we can, but all I want to do is plan our meals. Do you think this is correlated at all with my lack of motivation to work on my "summer body?" Asking for a friend.