I once heard someone describe this time of year as the wisest of seasons and the idea has always stuck with me. Autumn is steady and true in what it brings to the table, and to me, it represents the perfect in-between place to rest, reflect, and prepare for the months ahead. Some years, it’s unpredictable. The rain falls too often and the leaves don’t fall often enough. It’s hot when I want it to be cool, and it’s wet when I want to be gallivanting outside, building bonfires and wearing flannel. But other years? Well, it’s perfect. The weather is perfect. The smells are perfect. The sounds are perfect. And it feels like your favorite book - comforting and cozy and, well, very, very wise.

But guys, can I be honest? So far, these first few weeks of autumn have felt like a far cry from my favorite book. This weekend, we were given one glorious day in which the sun shone just the right amount and the air floated in through open windows just as it should – sweet and unburdened. Rob and I made soup and re-potted plants and walked the dogs and read books and did the sorts of things that a sunny Sunday is made for. We took deep breathes and settled in and basked in the unfamiliar warmth of the sun. (The sun! What an amazing thing!) Then, sometime yesterday, the sky once again turned gray, the rain drizzled down to the ground for what felt like the 647th time this month, and I officially gave up on October. While it’s usually my very favorite, it’s been a treacherous traitor this year and I think that we may be in a fight.

Due to this rainy ridiculousness, we, as in the collective city of Austin, Texas, have been put under an emergency water warning that requires everyone to minimize the use of water as much as possible and to, you know, boil any water that will be used to eat, drink, or wash dishes for the next 5-7 days, because apparently this is the kind of place that we live now. On one hand, it’s a completely helpful and important exercise in recognizing how blessed we are to have access to fresh, clean water day in and day out. It’s humbling to connect with such a basic resource and to remind oneself of the steps it takes to ensure that this resource can be used fully and wholly. But, on the other hand? It’s terribly inconvenient and makes for grumpy co-workers who have to work extra hard to acquire their morning coffee. I’d like to blame the city for its lack of preparation, but really? I just blame October.

So, November, if you’re listening, now is your time to shine. Both literally and figuratively.