I'm a self-admitted "pusher" of sorts, and it doesn't take much for me to tell anyone or everyone all about my new favorite things. While you may not be interested in hearing about my new favorite things, I'm going to tell you anyhow (and if that doesn't convince you of my pusher status, I don't know what will).

Let's start with this book. Searching For Sunday by Rachel Held Evans sunk me in the best kind of ways. It's wise and beautiful and challenging, and allowed me a really pervasive space to sink deep into my thoughts, experiences, frustrations, and celebrations regarding church, Christianity, and culture. I'm inconsistent in my appreciation for "faith-based" literature, but this one stuck with me. Maybe it will stick with you too.

Next up is this podcast. Guys, I'm pretty into it. Maybe it's because I've recently been in a creative revival of sorts, but Elizabeth Gilbert's approach to discussing the topic of creativity and "making things" is honest and refreshing. Each episode is perfectly short, really insightful, and wonderfully digestible. Soak it up, let it sit, and then get to work putting out your creative stuff.

In the beauty department,  I can't say enough about RMS Beauty. Maybe I'm the last to jump on this bandwagon (my mom introduced me, because she is cool like that) but this product line is the loveliest kind of natural, beauty magic. I use this, this, and this on a daily basis and pretty much love everything about them. Even the packaging is simple, functional and wonderful. I dare you to use them and not do a double-take when you find yourself glowing in the mirror.

Finally, THESE CANDLES. I love being able to tote the merits of some hometown products (Lincoln, NE y'all) and Wax Buffalo does it up right. I'm burning the Sweet Tobacco scent right now and I wish you could be here to smell how PERFECT it is. I'm a big believer that it's the small things that make a home feel safe and warm, and these candles are very good at doing just that. 

Hopefully I haven't been too pushy. Or, maybe I hope I have. Go! Use! Listen! Read! And then come back and tell me how right I was about the life-changing aftermath.